Gavin Smith was born in the year 1968 in the city of Guelph in Ontario in Canada. The way he learned how to play poker was by playing a game of rummy and cribbage with his father at home. He started his career as a taxi driver on one of the golf courses. Then he moved on to playing poker with his pals. This was when he was twenty-six years old. He liked the game of poker so much and like most professional poker players he became a poker dealer. In the year 1998, he went on to start his own club. The first really good break that he got in the field of poker was in the year 2000. This was the time when he was able to win in the Poker Finals.

Gavin SmithGavin Smith was able to win in the 2000 World Poker Finals that were held at the Foxwoods Casino. The nick name that stands by him is that of a clown and that is way that he is described as well. What Gavin Smith himself had to say about the clown table image of his is that it goes on to get him the right kind of calls and people make crazy games against him. This is the image that actually helps him to be able to achieve different things. There have been times when the opponents have made the most bizarre and unusual of moves against Gavin Smith and all because of this image of his. Therefore, in a way this specific image of his has gone on to serve him really well.

The other nicknames that stick to Gavin Smith till date are Birdguts and Caveman. The time that he was first noticed as a poker player to be reckoned with is in the year 1999 in the no limit Texas hold’em and seven card stud World Poker Finals.

Then in the year 2005, he went on to win for himself a prize money of $1,128,278. This was in the World Poker Tour which was held in Las Vegas. This was won by him after defeating his opponent Ted Forrest. This was in the final confrontation between the two of them.

Gavin Smith has certainly come a long way since he first started playing poker with his father. The first time that he thought of playing poker professionally was at the age of twenty-six when he played mixed games with his colleagues.

Then in the year 1996, Gavin Smith went on to become a poker dealer which is the usual route considered for most poker aficionados. He started his own poker club in the year 1998.

The last win that came Gavin Smith’s way was in 2010 when he plays at the $2,500 Mixed Hold’em Tournament and earned for himself a prize of $268,238. The other thing that sets Gavin Smith aside from the other poker players is the tattoo that he has on his upper right shoulder of a clover leaf.

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