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The world of illegal gambling can be carried out in many different places. Pool halls are a common place where gambling takes place, but usually it involves playing the game of pool.

That was not the case at the M & M Pool Room in Fort Pierce, Florida. The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office raided the pool hall for what they claim to be an illegal gambling operation.

When police served a search warrant at the pool hall they found evidence that an illegal poker gambling operation was taking place. They found cards, chips, and dice inside of a suitcase, and also found large amounts of cash on several of the participants of the game.

Courtney V. Harris was arrested and accused of running a gambling room. He was sitting in front of the dealer tray at the poker table. Four other men were also arrested in the sting and three were charged with a misdemeanor gambling charge. The fourth was found with a small amount of marijuana and charged accordingly.

Owen Morris admitted to frequently playing in the card game, and police found over $900 on his person. He claimed the money was not for gambling and that it was his grandmother’s rent.

Harris admitted to running the pool hall and seemed confident that the poker game he was running was legal. He told police he would be glad to explain how the game worked when his lawyer was by his side.

Kentucky Appeal Announced In Internet Gambling Domain Name Case

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The state of Kentucky responded on Wednesday to a Court of Appeals decision the way any losing party would. They announced that they are ready to take their case to the state Supreme Court.

The Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 in favor of 141 online gambling sites. In their ruling, the justices announced that they made their decision based on the fact that domain names are not defined as gambling devices under state law.

“The evidence demonstrates that illegal and unregulated activity is occurring in Kentucky, and that millions of dollars are being lost as a result of that activity, a fact that wasn’t disputed in Tuesday’s ruling,” said J. Michael Brown, Secretary of the state Justice and Public safety Cabinet.

Now that the Appeals Court has ruled on the matter, some believe that the state is spending too much resources trying to seize the domain names. The use of taxpayer is being called into question.

“Kentucky residents should be outraged that the commonwealth is investing another minute of time and another dollar of scarce resources in this quixotic case,” said John Pappas, Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance.

In their ruling on Tuesday, the judges laid out the groundwork for how the state could proceed with their argument. They were told to either change their laws to include domain names to be included as a gambling device, or to appeal to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

“we now have two judges who agree with our position, and two who disagree, so the most appropriate step is to make our case to the higher court,” said Brown.

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