The social poker is a game which is played by close friends who are simply spending time together. In a casino, social poker is played by beginners, tourists, and other people who are in the casino in order to have some fun. At the table where social poker is played, one will find people who don’t really care much about winning or losing money. And at such poker tables, a good poker player can spend a considerably profitable time.

First, the good poker player must be sure if he is indeed at the table where social poker is being played. Here are some of the distinct characteristics of a social poker game:

– During the hand, players rarely raise. This is because the players are passive and not aggressive. But they will call just about every bet.

– A hand of poker will always end with a showdown, not only between two head-to-head players but for most players. This is because almost everyone will play in the last betting round.

– Ironically, the frequent showdowns meant low competition. The concept of “competition”, in poker, refers to the intense desire of players to win as much money as possible. But in social poker, the players operate on the assumption that they will lose money. Such money is just like any fee that they have to pay for the entertainment they receive. In this case, social poker.

If all the characteristics described above are present at the poker table, then the player should be ready to implement these techniques in order to win profitably. Here are the well-studied techniques for social poker:

– Play with drawing hands, even at an early position – Drawing hands are cards that need improvement in order to win. Usually, drawing hands are not played at an early position, but this can be done in social poker since the two requirements for playing drawing hands, which are large pots and no pre-flop raises, are present.

– Fold each time the hand is not strong – If one’s hand is not strong enough, one should fold and not reach the showdown. If the drawing hand has not improved, one should fold. There is only one way to win the pot. And that is, to have the strongest hand at showdown.

– Don’t play with garbage hands – The number of players should not tempt the poker player to assume that any card will do. Statistics will eventually help out and there will come a time when one will have the best cards. When that time comes, one can recover one’s losses since the pots are always large. In the meantime, one should not waste money by playing garbage hands.

– Don’t try bluffing the opponents out of the game – Bluffing is just a waste of effort and money because the opponents in social poker do not really mind losing money.

When the poker player keeps the following techniques in mind, while at a table where social poker is played, he will certainly gain profitably. All he needed to do is wait patiently.

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