There is no question that psychology will play an important role in your Poker strategy, and even if you are new, it is vital that you comprehend the mental aspects of the game. Although a lot of people think that it is only fit for advanced players, the fact is that it is not.

Although the idea of manipulating the way your opponent thinks may seem to be a complex Poker strategy, the truth is that it is not. All you have to do, is to simply observe the way that he plays.

Is he very tight? Does he have a tendency to go on tilt when he is bluffed out of a pot? Is he a calling station, or does he play with every hand? What are his Poker betting patterns? By being astute, you will uncover these traits after playing with him for a while, and this is something that you will be able to utilize for as long as you are playing him.

Once you have deciphered his playing style, your Poker strategy for playing him will be based on how he reacts, and not so much on the cards that you hold. Because you have gotten inside his head, you will know when to call, raise or fold a hand. In effect, you will not have any weak hands, because you will know exactly what to do with every one of them.

As for protecting yourself, the ideal Poker strategy is to simply play in different ways. What a lot of players try to do is pigeonhole one into a particular category. You can avoid this by diversifying the way that you play.

From your betting to the way you project yourself to the other players, by constantly shifting, your Poker opponents will never be able to read you, and if they place you into a particular player profile, they will simply make errors of judgment because you are constantly changing how you play.

The Poker strategy for manipulating your opponent can be complex, and even the best players in the world will tell you that it is a skill that they are always trying to work on and improve.

You will not be able to learn them all in the beginning, but now that you have the basic concepts in mind, you will be able to take the necessary steps to help you become a master of mentally manipulating the other players on the table.

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