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Video gambling machines can be found more and more around the country in bars, nightclubs, and even convenience stores. While most of the owners that possess these machines will claim they are for entertainment only, plenty of real money is being spent in them.

Police have gone on what seems to have amounted to a year long crusade to stop illegal gambling on these machines. The latest arrests happened on Thursday in North Carolina. Former Buncombe County Sheriff Bobby Medford was arrested.

The indictment on Medford claims that he was covering campaign expenses and a $54,000 loss at Cherokee Harrah’s Casino with the illegal money.

Medford had several deputies picking up money from machine owners in their uniforms, according to the indictment. Three of Medford’s deputies were also jailed in the sting.

Video Poker was legal in North Carolina up until July 1st this year. Sheriffs had the job of checking owners paperwork before machines were registered. These Sheriffs, however, took their jobs a step further and offered protection to the machine owners in exchange for cash.

North Carolina is yet another stater that has done extensive investigations into illegal video gaming in the state. Those investigations have led to arrests involving fifteen counties in the state.

Weekend Internet Sports Gambling Bust Involves Former NFL Player

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Players in the NFL are given many different educational tools concerning illegal gambling. Lectures are given to rookies when they enter the league, and multiple programs are used to deter players from getting involved.

One former player now understands what the NFL was preaching. Over the weekend, former offensive lineman Todd Burger was arrested for his role in running an illegal Internet gambling site.

Berger, who played for the Chicago Bears and New York Jets, was apparently the muscle behind the operation. Anthony Pecoraro, who was also arrested, was the brains of the operation. Burger was used, according to police, as a collector of gambling debts.

The operation used the website Gamblers would go on the website under code names and numbers, and place illegal bets. The bets were then processed by Pecoraro, who also set player limits and controlled the collecting and paying of these bets.

$70,000 in cash was seized by the suspects in the case, who, in addition to Burger and Pecoraro, included Peter Carfaro, Stephen Barone, and Daniel Alaimo. Computers that possibly contained evidence, and a .357 Magnum handgun were also taken by authorities in the arrests.

A four month investigation concluded with the arrests according to New Jersey State Police and Somerset County Prosecutors.

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